Clemon Embroidery Company is one of the most famous embroidery companies in Europe. Up to now, it has experienced 139 years of design and service course. After experiencing the process from serving royal family to facing market, skill of six generations is inherited continuously, which guarantees and extends quality. Up to now, the company hired 25 full-time embroidery designers in total. Of which, there are excellent young people. They will bring you brand new works in their future design. Till now, except Australia, we have established distribution organizations and agencies in every continent of the world. Their retail prices are the same and service quality is also the same with us. As time goes on, we create over thirty embroidery methods in total to make such ancient artworks present before you vividly and decorate your house. If you love embroidery, please submit one e-mail and note following core matters. We will check and give you satisfactory reply in time.

A: Your sex, age and name of your graduate school

B: Company in which you are now work or learn, your post and duty

C: Send several works which can represent your art achievement

D: Expected remuneration as well as corresponding social and company welfare

E: What planning do you have for your future career development orientation?

F: You want to work on design or operation

G: Composition of your main family members, and what inspiration they bring to your daily life

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In order to gradually explore Asian market, we establish long-term cooperation with Edinburgh College of Art to provide subsequent learning opportunities for young people who love embroidery art. Young workers recommended by agent distribution service company are our first choice. Of course, we also open to other art talents. They may choose to serve our company after they are learned. If you are our agent partners, please consult their HR Department for detailed matters. If not, please contact us according to address below and note following matters:

A: Your country/region and city

B: Your age, sex and corresponding degree achieved in art field

C: Acceptable time and expected degree for your further education

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A-Level access project: After submitting the related materials such as the IELTS performance, students at school may be issued with a recommendation letter from the Clemon Company of UK by the long-term cooperative relationship and good artistic reputation for the recommendation of the students to Edinburgh College of Art, one of the largest art college in Europe with the longest history since the establishment to accept the undergraduate courses (students may be registered for the examinations of 6 professions). The college enjoys an international reputation, students may improve their critical inquiry on art through the academic research and study in the pattern of innovative practice.