Letter of Authority

Up to now, we have officially authorized and commissioned nine companies to do the business of our artworks and reached the following agreements at the same time:

1. The current authorized business site does not include Oceania.

2. The appointed time is within the valid term by now.

3. Commissioned companies have the right to carry out promotion, exhibition and sale of artworks within the agreed scope and manage to properly deal with follow-up services.

4. This authorization is restrictive together with its annexes.

5. We only authorize you to do business with embroidery typed artworks, with the other businesses not included.

6. This authorization may be open, but we must receive written explanation one week ahead for presentation of annexes to a third party.

7. All the commercial sales companies authorized by us must promise offering uniform prices, selling artworks in public and maintain consistent design and service quality.

A: Germany Holder dons Commercial Service Co., Ltd.

B: America New York Essen Moore Co., Ltd.

C: Japan Chuantai Dekang Co., Ltd.

D: Japan Ming shun Jaime Co., Ltd.

E: Taiwan Tong Ming Architectural Design Service Co., Ltd.

F: China Clemon Commercial Trade Co., Ltd.

G: The United Arab Emirates Alfa Commodity Retail Co., Ltd.

H: India Haryana Commerce Co., Ltd.

I: Italy Clemon Commercial Service Co., Ltd.

Additional Provisions

1.While not allow to damage our reputation, also not allow to overstate propaganda, otherwise, we will not assume the corresponding liability.

2.It is agreed that we negotiate whether we will continue to cooperate together six months before the maturity; otherwise, this authorization will be abolished automatically.

3.For the price of business selling, we have decided in “Contract” in addition, but the exchange rate of English Pound shall be as the standard of settlement. Every three months, we shall discuss the settlement price of central parity of exchange rate.

4.Except for the sample, for each of our artworks, we will provide you with the business voucher, you need to preserve as the basis of settlement, and meanwhile, the customer also has the right to get this voucher.

5.For each of our artworks, we will provide you with the names of artists as follows, they include: A: material analysis and disposal; B: analysis and adjustment of hue of color; C: balance and adjustment of color press; D: texture organization and configuration; E. master worker of embroidery; F: art instructor. At the same time, we will give clear indication of overall number of persons participating in creation.

6.The creating date is agreed in “Contract” but not includes the force majeure. Each November, we will not accept the reservation and will inform in advance.

7.We promise that we will not preserve your any original material and image data of customer, including the computer file, and are willing to assume the legal liability.

8.The work of art we provided will not include any frame and decorations.

9.If any other company or individual carries out the secondary processing or modifies to the work of art, our company will not admit that the modified work of art is provided by us.

10.We only takes on the creation and processing of work of art, if its theme and content involving in the laws, life style and customs or religious faith of that country, we will be not responsible for this.

11.When delivering the work of art, if it is incomplete, we may modify it once for free; the period of processing will not be longer than 60 working days.

12.When you sell the products, please reach the most basic agreement of environmental protection with the customers. While displaying our work of art, please advocate the idea of environmental protection and global care.

13.For each work of art, we will promise that we will not create the second same works, and are willing to undertake the responsibility for this.

14.We allow you to reauthorize your designated sales units but you shall achieve as follows:

A: to notify in written form two weeks in advance

B: not exceed the time and territorial scope

C: the price floating shall be within the scope stated in our “Contract”

15.After the customer purchases this work of art, if he/she requires providing the services of hanging, installation and presenting and transportation, we will not offer help.

16.The knowledge introduction and consultation service of our work of art are for free.