Steven Jones

Vice Director of Art

This designer was graduated from Birmingham College of Art and Design, and worked for 13 years. He features the Dadaism style and Neo-byzantine style in Post-Impressionism which emphasizes visual impact, and he is mainly adept in character dress embroidery and art embroidery. In the skillful mastery of light sensing conversion and color mixing separation technology in his design, he improved the skill of knitting embroidery, inherited and innovated the corresponding technique of "swiftach couching" invented by Jason Burns, the second generation successor of Clemon family. It makes the lighting sensation in embroidery of formal wear photo as natural as though it were living.

Mill Brunson

Vice Director of Art Director of Royal Academy of Art

The designer graduated from The Glasgow School of Art and has been working for 12 years, mainly adept in the embroidery of landscape decoration works. He inherited the disk-needle technique created by Jason Burns, the second generation of the Clemon family, made use of the art of variant embroidery and supplementary embroidery, and enhanced the compactness and fullness of the work via hue analysis and brightness adjustment and purity adjustment process, so that the artworks have scattering patterns, cascading sequence, delicate balance, and smooth transition. The embroideries have very strong sense of tactile impression and visual impact. In his creation, he realized the perfect expression of oil paintings with representative European styles.

Alexander Hall

Vice Director of Art

He graduated in Edinburgh College of Art, paid an academic visit in China Academy of Fine Arts. The designer has been working for 12 years, and he has a passion for both traditional classical techniques and freehand brushworks, which he incorporates the diverse nature of them and made a perfect integration. He is adept in imitating classical Chinese landscape painting, modern Chinese freehand brush works, and Japanese modern printing. He has absorbed the painting techniques of the east, that is, painting from within, living in reality and living in silence. His artworks are exquisite and vivid, accurate in proportion and full of romantic charm. In the process of his creation, the designer restored the oriental elements with the understanding of the eastern meticulous brushwork painting featuring clear charm, superposition of layers and expression.

Daniel Rogers

Vice Director of Art

The designer graduated from French Dijon National Academy of Fine Arts and Nice National Supreme Academy of Arts. He has been working for seven years, realizing the transformation from primitivism to cubism perfectly, and fully combining the precise proportion of the school of elegance with the embroidery layout composition, and applied lightness adjustment and color pressure treatment of dual techniques with craftiness. In terms of daily creation, he is adept in modern abstract art works of embroidery expression, which used the styles of fauvism and cubism for references, thus promoting the independent use of form and color, and conveying a variety of emotions and imagination and thinking through line, color, layout, and composition.

Norman Stanley

Advanced fine arts-technology craftsman

Graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design He has been working in this field for 17 years

Skills in art: Photo-realistic embroidery, he completed the embroidery of world-class photography works that won the Pulitzer Prize and SONY Prize for many times and used Persian craft of weaving carpets by hand as reference.

Recent works: < Late autumn > < Prairie horse > < Cassie sunshine >

Richard Hartley

Advanced fine arts-technology craftsman

Graduated from University of Southampton Working for 6 years

Skills in art: Reprography of Western classical oil painting, Rococo school. He was once the artistic director of royal porcelain factory, his works are exquisite and full, and he is master in embroidery of landscape and inanimate objects.

Recent works: < Summer > < Van gogh starry night > < Oak forest >

Kevin Dorman

Advanced fine arts-technology craftsman

Graduated from University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne Working for 9 years

Skills in art: Restoration of ancient times artwork, he is more an Impressionism and highlighting cubist elements. He is able to perfectly master spatial skills, focusing on religious theme.

Recent works: < Woods > < Austria scenery > < Hero >

James Wilson

Advanced fine arts-technology craftsman

Graduated from Istituto Marangoni of Italy Working for 6 years

Skills in art: Adept in watercolor embroidery and realistic painting embroidery. Able to skillfully apply the expression of cubism in sculpture to the embroidery artworks.

Recent works: < Joan of arc > < Sunshine dream > < Train track >