On the planet that we human beings live, because of overdrawn development and greedy demand of human beings, ecology of this planet has been extremely deteriorated and sent death warning to us human beings. Human beings walking from ancient forest are gathering in city in large scale. However, the reality that city resources consumption has been diverged excessively has told human beings that the city we are proud of is very likely to become the final grave of development of human beings. Seeking for a road of sustainable development of resource constriction and making the city becomes cradle of human rebirth to realize return of ecology and usher ecological era is the choice that we must do today.

For the state of the earth, ecology is a state which can be the state both with human beings and without human beings. But for us human beings, ecology is also a state which is the state of our survival, living, production and even life. After human beings become the species of this planet, ecology of the earth relies on the human beings’ attitude, which is human beings’ attitude towards survival, living, production and life, which determines the state of the earth.

Looking back to growth process of human beings, we can see that human beings chose development pattern of quick benefits other than progressive evolution pattern. Development pattern of quick benefits gave birth to positivism scientific system while positivism science disguised quick benefits with cover of science. It is exactly such systematic positive feedback incentive function make today’s human beings have to face wrecked earth homeland and city grave that we accelerate to build. We should rethink and reflect on human beings’ growth process and realize repair of human beings’ spiritual ecology by repair of natural ecology, economic ecology and social ecology. We wish to realize ego and harmony of human beings, realize balanced development of society, economy and ecology, and step into evolving growth pattern by self-cultivation of human beings’ spiritual ecology.

We expect to deflower from human beings’ cultivation and history, cohere power from concern to reality and establish belief from hope to tomorrow. We also expect that human beings are always harmonious in ecological world. “Ecological world, harmonious human” is philosophy and ideal of us ecological humanity. We hope that friends in the same camp may gather together under the flag of ecological humanity, act actively to discuss theory and solution of ecological city, and build cradle of human beings’ rebirth together.

“Ecological humanity” starts from here today. Even though she is still very weak and smells like gravel and smoke from burning coal, she possesses freshness of today’s Earth and future’s green mountains and rivers, as well as people’s sincerity of recrimination and repentance towards Mother Earth. We believe that human beings’ future is bound to be ecological and human beings are bound to usher an ecological era!

At last, we’d like to say that the ecological humanity we declare to be established to the world today is sure to be a highly open social organization. We welcome every like-minded people to join us and we also expect people with great virtue and wisdom to become our leader. Colleagues of ecological humanity will embrace the future with open mind and firm belief! Every step we make will be stamped on the land beneath our feet firmly.

Respectful consumers, 0.5% of the amount of artworks you purchased, no matter how much you spend, will be donated to Britain Royal “ecological humanity” environmental protection fund.

Britain Royal “Ecological humanity” Foundation is registered in 1998, which realizes its original purpose mainly depending on social donation and is protected by laws. In second quarter of every year, financial situation of last year shall be published. We hereby express our heartfelt thanks to you.

Green agreement:

1: Reduce purchase of furniture built with rare wood ------- Do not destroy the tropical forests few in number on the earth.

2: Take the vehicles with small discharge ------- Do not forget that you are also breathing all the time.

3: Refuse to use the products made from wild animals and do not hunt wild animals ------- Do not let the endangered life die in your hand.

4: Dispose the garbage in category ------- There is your civilization besides your footstep in the world.