Clemon values protection of your privacy (such as identification data) very much. Based on this, clemon adopts specific policies and safety measures to protect your personal data. We hereby notice you that clemon won’t collect any personal data of users under 18 years old. We suggest that users under 18 years old do not input their personal data and suggest that adult users operate according to stipulated procedure. Clemon is entitled to amend privacy policies when in due time. Our amendment to privacy policies will be published on our website. Update of privacy policies will be published on our website as well. Welcome to inquire amended website regularly. Clemon uses proper safety measures to protect information provided by you. However, you agree that even if we have adopted reasonable measure to protect your information, any transmission of internet information cannot be guaranteed to be free from visit of non-appointed receiver; you won’t ask us to undertake any responsibility for such safety problems unless they are caused by our negligence and mistake.

1. Data source

Personal data collected by us is data directly provided by you when registering our website in order to receive announcement or communication of clemon by e-mail. Ifpersonal data changes, please write us changed content so that we can update your personal data in time.

2. Purpose of data processing

You agree that all personal data provided shall be processed by us for website registration and receiving announcement and communication of clemon by e-mail.

3. Process mode

Based on purpose above, we will collect your data by electronic method and safety system, process by written or electronic format and give proper protection.

4. Compulsory data or data provided initiatively

Series information shall be provided to complete on-line registration. We cannot meet your requirement if accurate information cannot be or is refused to be provided.

5. Receiver of data communication

Your personal data shall be processed by data processor, which is in the charge of internal professional data collection personnel of our company.

6. Proprietorship

We hereby inform you that according to provision of Article 7 in D.Lgs n.194/003, proprietorship of your personal data processed by us is owned by you.

Your rights include: knowing from clemon that whether your personal data is still in database of the company; obtaining data communication in proper form, knowing source and processing logic of personal data; cleaning, anonym zing or stopping any data illegally processed and updating, amending or integrating data; refusing process of all or part of your personal data with right reason. Besides, if you agree to send propaganda materials, you can refuse such data process at any time by selecting subscription cancellation link in communication or writing to customer service department above to ask delete your personal information from mailing list. No expense shall be generated.

7. Explanation

Confidentiality, integrity and safety of personal identity information (called “personal information”) publicized by clemon are very important to its users. Generally, you can visit and browser the website without providing personal information. However, the website may ask you to provide some personal information initiatively when you are well-informed to enjoy its service or function or participate in activities organized. The website may include links skipping to other websites. These websites may include and adopt their own use terms and conditions or formulate no term or condition. We provide these links for convenience or visitors but take no responsibility for these websites. These links may link you to advertiser, content provider or other companies using our logo and/or style according to brand cooperation agreement. These websites may send their own Cookies to you and may collect and use information in the way different from use terms and conditions of clemon. In addition, clemon is unable to control these websites and external resources. Clemon take no responsibility for any damage or loss (no matter true or asserted) caused by using or trusting content or commodity and service provided by these websites or external resources.

Latest update: October 15, 2020