1. Use terms and conditions

Welcome to visit www.clemong.com (hereinafter referred to as “the website”). Users shall read following terms carefully before consulting or using the website.

Use of the website is restricted by following use terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “use terms and conditions”). Visit of the website means that you agree to abide by following use terms and conditions without preconditions, and agree to abide by relevant general sales terms and conditions while browsing through the website on line. If you don’t accept all use terms and conditions, please quit the website immediately. Clemon is entitled to modify use terms and conditions of the website without prior notice. After such modification, if you continue to use the website, it means that you completely accept revised version of use terms and conditions.

2. Intellectual property

All trademarks and logos shown on the website (registered or not), including but not limited to “clemon” trademark and all the other relevant unique marks duplicated to the website, shall be owned by clemon and are exclusive property of clemon. You admit and agree that all contents on and included in the website, including but not limited to all texts, information, data, images, icons, pictures, illustrations, multimedia contents (figures, audio and video), charts, indexes, descriptions, materials, software, HTML codes, frames and similar contents (hereinafter called “contents”) included, are all owned by clemon or authorized to clemon to use, and protected by international intellectual property law, including but not limited to patent right, copyright, trade secret, trade name, trademark, service mark, mental right, proprietary technology and other rights as well as any other similar rights accepted by laws or international conventions in any country or judicial district in the world. All materials included on the website (“e-mail” part excluded) are only used for propaganda and promotion. The website is only for personal use other than commercial use. You may visit, download, copy, save, exert, reformat, print or show any content with visit authority (only for personal use other than commercial use) according to these use terms and conditions, unless otherwise stated on the website. No content on or included in the website shall be downloaded, copied, saved, exerted, reformatted, printed, shown, published, transmitted, distributed, manufactured into derived products, resold or used in any other methods in other aspects.

No content, material or software from the website or any related right, proprietorship and/or interest shall be regarded as being distributed or granted to you as you use the website. You agree to accept and abide by all copyright or trademark notices and other notices on the website and included in its content. All rights shall be reserved in all the countries/regions of the world.

3. Disclaimer

The website and its content shall be provided in “original sample” and “usable” state, and shall give no explicit or implicit guarantee in any form. Any written information provided by the website or related to content of the website shall compose no statement or guarantee, including but not limited to right guarantee or guarantee not interfered by rogue programs (such as virus, worm or Trojan horse), and implicit guarantee related to marketability or applicability with special purpose. Clemon clearly denies any similar statement and guarantee.

Under any circumstance and based on whatever basis, clemon company shall undertake no responsibility for any direct, indirect, attached, subordinate, economic or non-economic loss (including but not limited to profit or revenue loss, data or programming loss, even if clemon has been notified with probability of such loss) caused by following reasons:

(a) Any loss or damage caused by using the website, including but not limited to all kinds of delay, inaccuracy, error or omission of any information on the website or visited by the website;

(b) Any transaction conducted by the website or on the website;

(c) Unable to use the website for any reason, including but not limited to communication failure, or any other transmission failure of any information on the website of visited by the website;

(d) Deleting, correcting, damaging, losing or unable to save any relevant information or information transmitted on the website;

(e) Using any product or service on the website or obtained from the website;

(f) Visiting the website or modifying information transmission or data without authorization;

(g) Any statement or action of third party on the website;

(h) Any other questions related to the website.

Clemon will try to guarantee accuracy and timeliness of information included in the website. However, we cannot guarantee that this information is absolutely complete, accurate and timely all the time, nor there is no default in the website and these defaults will be corrected. If applicable laws do not exempt responsibility or eliminate implicit guarantees above, all or part of the exclusion terms and disclaimers may be inapplicable for you. Any reference related to all products or services that clemon or any other company authorized based on such purpose has provided or may provide shall not compose commitment of providing such product or service at any time. Such product or service may be modified or improved at any time without further notice.

Materials provided by the website may include inaccurate information or spelling mistake. For any inaccurate information or mistake on the website, or any loss or damage caused because that user relies on the website or information obtained from the website, clemon shall undertake no obligation or responsibility. You shall judge information provided by the website and accuracy of other contents by yourself.

4. Material submission

You agree that any and all suggestions, designs, concepts, pictures, testimonials and other information or materials (personal information excepted) (hereinafter referred to as “submitted materials”) disclosed or submitted to clemon by the website or other methods are not confidential or exclusive to you. Clemon has no obligation now or in the future: (i) keeping submitted materials secret; (ii) paying any compensation expense to you or any third party for submitted materials or use of submitted materials; (iii) responding to admitting any submitted material. You declare and guarantee that all materials submitted by you shall not violate any right of any third party, including but not limited to copyright, trademark, patent right, commercial secret, privacy right or other personal rights or proprietorships. Submission of materials means that you agree clemon is entitled to (but not obliged to) copy, publish, distribute or use such submitted materials for any purpose, including but not limited to advertisement, propaganda, product development or other commercial purposes, and does not need to compensate you or any other people. You shall undertake all responsibilities to content of any materials submitted.

5. Cookies

The website uses Cookies to guarantee its effective operation and improve our service. Cookies are small text files sent to user’s computer (usually user’s browser) from website visited by the user; they are saved in user’s computer and re-transmitted to the website that user visits later. Clemon will automatically delete temporary conversation Cookies and permanent Cookies saved in user’s hard disk for long term (until expiry or deleted by user) after every visit. We use Cookies to improve website navigation and collect information about how users use the website in anonymity way. Such information is helpful for use to continuously update and improve the website and improve user’s use experience. The website does not analyze cookies. Read “Privacy Policy” published on the website for more information about cookies.

We will never save password, credit card information or other personal identity information in Cookies. Most browsers are set up as accept Cookies initially. You can re-set the browser at any time as refuse all Cookies or inform you before send new Cookies. However, refuse Cookies may make you unable to use certain functions of the website.

6. Safety

Clemon will make all efforts to protect your personal information. However, we cannot make sure or guarantee that safety of any information transmitted to use from you. Risk of such transmission shall be undertaken by you, and clemon takes no responsibility for any safety problem not caused by its negligence directly. By visiting the website, you declare and guarantee: (a) you accept these use terms and conditions; (b) you abide by these use terms and conditions when using the website. You agree to protect and guarantee that clemon is free from all damages, costs, responsibilities, lawsuits, trails, punishments, expenditures, obligations, losses, claims, prosecutions and expenses (including but not limited to legal expense) caused by or related to violation of these use terms and conditions as well as use of the website.

7. Applicable laws and judicial power

You agree that visit of the website means that you accept British laws. These “use terms and conditions” are subject to British laws and shall be interpreted according to British laws. Any lawsuit related to or generated by these “use terms and conditions” is under exclusive jurisdiction of British London court. You also shall know that for correct explanation of these use terms and conditions, if there is difference between original English version and any other translated versions, original English version shall be regarded as the version with legal binding effect.

Latest update: October 13, 2020