Technical uniqueness:

Clemon Anti-woven Silk Embroidery Company is the only technical service provider of this kind of works of art in the world. Until now, no works similar to that of the company have been found, and all sales outlets around the world have been authorized by the company. Professional skills in the art adopted in the unique process have been developed and refined by the family. Based on the accumulation of traditional embroidery techniques, the brushwork characteristics of modern painting have been skillfully combined, operating tools and raw materials improved. Besides, the brand has been independently training embroidery technicians of this category to maintain the uniqueness established for a long time.

Precision of workmanship:

There are more than 21 colors used in a single piece of painting, all silks are produced in Milan. And the silk proportion has been distributed rationally taking into account the regional temperature and humidity, then injecting the inert gas to mount, rendering them maintain a long-term statue free from color fading. On the basis of light perception conversion and hue analysis, it takes more than 110 man-hours to create a work manually to restore its rich pattern colors. On the monolayer area of one square inch, it is required to have 1,550 times of needling manually to maintain the close degree of embroider article, making color and luster even.

Fineness of art:

Regardless of any subjects, all Clemon embroideries use full-embroidery technique. Molding artworks are as natural as though they were living, and the simulation degree is 25 color difference higher than that of oil painting, with the level of patchwork, undoubtedly one of the world's highest level of embroidery representatives. Acid free and phosphorus-free paper jams are used for transformation, solid wood art lines for lining, with high-level transparent neutral color glass for front cover, vacuum mounting, achieving harmony and unity with the space surrounding. The texture reconstruction, lightness adjustment, and purity design have ensured the embroidery density and gradual color richness of each artwork, so that the market value can be well reflected.

Cultural inclusion:

A century long hard work and craftsmanship, creative efforts in embroidery techniques have never been rare. On the basis of the original simulation with oil color's tactile impression, the simulation techniques of gouache, watercolor, mineral pigment painting, Oriental traditional Chinese realistic painting, Arabic mural, printmaking, sketch, Oriental ink painting, and silk tiffany painting are added for the sake of perfect combination of various painting techniques of regional attributes and cultural attributes, combining mind and body. It contains a wide range of subjects, with the use of traditional western oil painting elements technology based works with a variety of aesthetic accessories, a reflection of things merge and anything and everything are compatible.

Universality of collection:

After more than one hundred years of accumulation, at the same time of retaining the pure British art elements, it integrates modern technology and skills, combines various regional cultures, therefore, the brand value can continue to inherit generation after generation. Over 97.5% of each work have restored the authenticity of the original works of art, so that pure works of art can be gain good fame in the market. Based on this, the technique of the real photo-realistic embroideries are able to make the historical moment be stored artistically, and the veneration gained will certainly give the public a fresh and fresh feeling, thus highlighting the unique artistic atmosphere and temperament.