• Group photo of astronauts of "Endeavor spacecraft "launched on September 30th 1994.

      From left to right, rear row:

      Michael A. Baker

      Michael A. Baker

      Terrence W. Wilcutt

      Terrence W. Wilcutt

      From left to right, front row:

      Steven L. Smith

      Steven L. Smith

      Daniel W. Bursch

      Daniel W. Bursch

      Peter J.K. Wisoff

      Peter J.K. Wisoff

      Thomas Jones

      Thomas Jones

      Product Name: Mission

      Author: Gordon Williams

      Completed on: 1995

      Collected on: The memorial room at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the United States

    • Commemorate the 140th anniversary for the foundation of Royal Albert Hall of Arts and Sciences in the UK

      Product Name: Sanctuary

      Author: Norman Stanley

      Completed on: 2007

      Collected on: Amphi corridor on the first floor of Albert Music Hall in London, the UK

    • The location of hanging: The connecting corridor on the third floor of the State room at the south of Buckingham Palace in London, the UK

    • < Photos of royal wedding of Prince William >

      Embroiderer£ºRoderick Williams

    • < The ocean of knowledge >

      Embroiderer£ºMill Brunson

    • < Hero>

      Embroiderer£ºDaniel Rogers and Kevin Dorman

    • < Peacock flaunting its tail >

      Embroiderer£ºAlexander Hall

    • < Phoenix flame >

      Embroiderer£ºNorman Stanley

    • < Coronation Nepoleon >

      Embroiderer£ºRichard Hartley

    • Embroidery process

    • 1. Frame: Wire drawing of gold foil wrapped with hard rock maple from America

      2. Glass: Glass of museum level with low reflection, high transparency and no coverage

      3. Paper jam: Thickened paper made of wood pulp with no acid or phosphorus

      4. Embroidery core: The total time of consumption is 102 hours, it is completed by hand making.

    • Embroidered by manual referring to real photos, upon a comparison, the error rate was only 1.25%.

    • All works of this brand use full embroidery technique.

    • Inner diameter of work: 44cm X 56 cm

      The work involved about 540,000 artificial needles and 117 man-hours.

    • This piece of work features abundant and strong color contrast, so there is a longing for a high degree of compaction. The name of the tool held by the technician is: "Long fillet distorted crochet hook".

      This crochet hook is 71mm long, the hook line of the front is only 1.5mm long.

      (Note: a pound is about 23mm in diameter)

    • A total of 31 colors of silk threads are used in this work.

    • The partial position of this work, zoom in the live shot photo.

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